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The Ghana Scholarship Fund, Inc. provides scholarships to high school and university for students from rural communities in Ghana, West Africa whose parents can’t afford to pay the required tuition fees.
96 Students have received a scholarship to high school
5 Students have received a scholarship to university 

100% of ALL donations are used to educate a child. 


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Many Villages Benefit

Not every village in rural Ghana has a school.  Therefore, children from 22 rural villages attend the schools in Senchi Ferry and participate in the Ghana Scholarship Fund, Inc.


I want a brighter future.
Won’t you help me?

“Please, I want to attend senior high school and continue to become a nurse.  This will help me to contribute my quota towards the development of my nation and to achieve my aim of encouraging girls education so we can serve Mother Ghana.”

Akwamuman Senior High School Receives A Donation of  50 Computers Loaded with On-line Tutorials 


In January 2014, the Ghana Scholarship Fund partnered with EVCOAfrica and donated 50 computers loaded with 178 gigabytes of on-line tutorials to the Akwamuman Senior High School. This is the high school attended by all of the Ghana Scholarship Fund students. These new on-line learning tools will go a long way to enhance the education of the 2,500 students who currently attend this senior high school as well as all of the future students who will grace its doors. EVCOAfrica is a 501(c)3 NGO which donates computers to rural communities in Africa, which are loaded with on-line tutorials called RACHEL.

RACHEL contains 178 gigabytes of web-based files equivalent to fifteen thousand books and on-line tutorial audio lessons (Khan Academy) in mathematics, science and all conceivable subjects as well as research materials (Wikipedia) all in a digital web-based form that does not require Internet access.  (RACHEL stands for Remote Area Community Hotspots for Education and Learning).




Please congratulate the the first group of GSF students to receive a scholarship to university starting this fall.  We were disappointed that none of our female high school graduates applied to university this year.  We hope to see female faces next year!



Ghana Scholarship Fund &

EVCOAfrica Partnership